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Padi na good thing o!

In Nigeria's extremely competitive mobile network market, Airtel was struggling to defend its market share and maintain meaningful interaction with Naija's largest, most powerful market segment, the young people.

Following the release of a television campaign featuring Half Dollar, a small-time singer who makes it to the big leagues with the help of his friends, we were asked to bring the friendship and success story to life online. Inspired by the campaign's tagline Padi Na Good Thing O, or a Friend Is A Good Thing, we invited our young customers to create their very own Half Dollar.We created a microsite where visitors could download their version of the campaign song as performed by Half Dollar.

We then invited users to upload their own renditions of the song. Visitors could choose their favourite renditions by voting for them on the site, sharing them on Facebook, or retweeting them, thus opening the competition to an even wider community, allowing people to interact directly and feel more connected to the brand enabling consumer co-creation and letting our target market have a say in the marketing communications of Airtel. The winning rendition would be used by Airtel as a call ring back tone, with revenue from downloads divided between the winner and the winner's friends.

Done by:Ogilvy & Mather