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May 8th, 1886

Something magical happened. Coca-Cola was first served in Atlanta, Georgia by a local pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton. It was declared "excellent" and went on sale as a soda fountain drink.

May 8th, 2014
128 years on, Coca-Cola can be found in practically every corner of the globe. In one of those corners, Coca-Cola chose to celebrate its birthday in a unique style! Coca-Cola set out on a social media watch.
The objectives were
1. To share Coca-Cola's birthday with its birthday mates and other 'May babies'.
2. To increase engagement levels with Coca-Cola's target audience on social media.
3. To reinforce the brand by maintaining positive brand relationships with the target audience.

The campaign started with a birthday watch on the 8th of May. Coca-Cola literally 'jumped' on tweets of people celebrating their birthdays. Amidst hearty and engaging conversation supported by the hashtag #128KE, Coca-Cola's birthday-mates received birthday cards and virtual cakes on Twitter. The fizz lasted throughout the month with Coca-Cola giving rewarding the 'May babies' with cake vouchers. The winners were selected by picking the most interactive fans. This led to sustained engagement even after the 8th of May. Talk of milking a birthday for what it's worth. The total number of impressions was 136, 769,832 with a 'Net Sentiment' of 100%. Not too bad for a 128 year old!

We learnt that engagement is higher when it is about the fans. The surprise element was definitely a plus and made the entire campaign feel even more personal. Coca-Cola shared its special day in a refreshing and uplifting manner that is tantamount to sharing ice-cold Coke. Share a Coke Cake.

Done by:SCANAD