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WPP Scangroup employees donate to Rescue Dada Centre

WPP Scangroup Human Resource Director Monica Kambo (centre) hands over a cheque to Rescue Dada Centre’s Project Manager Mary Gatitu. Looking on is WPP Scangroup Chief Executive Officer Bharat Thakrar.

WPP Scangroup employees have donated assortments of food stuffs, clothes and sanitary towels, to the Rescue Dada Centre, a Nairobi-based rehabilitation centre that supports street girls to rebuild their lives away from streets.

The items were delivered to the Centre by representatives from various agencies within the Group and the cheque was handed to the Centre’s Project Manager Mary Gatitu by WPP Scangroup Human Resource Director Monica Kambo and witnessed by WPP Scangroup CEO, Bharat Thakrar.

“WPP Scangroup as a socially responsible organization is keen on playing its part in contributing to the overall welfare of the community in which it operates and as employees of WPP Scangroup, we are cognizant of the important role children's homes play in caring for the wellbeing of some of our vulnerable children, hence the decision to support Rescue Dada Centre,” said Mr. Thakrar.

“The story of Rescue Dada Centre is particularly touching and it’s fulfilling giving a helping hand to the centre. Some of these young girls have gone through a lot and we laud the Centre for giving them a second chance to reshape their lives,” he added.

Receiving the donations, the Centre’s Project Manager Mary Gatitu lauded WPP Scangroup and its employees for the positive gesture, saying the donation will go a long way in helping the Centre continue to provide care for the vulnerable children.

“We appreciate very much this donation by employees of WPP Scangroup. This is a huge gift because we operate on a very strict budget,” Ms. Gatitu said.

Established in 1992 by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, Rescue Dada Centre started as a two room rescue operation in Nairobi’s Mathare Slum and has grown over time to become an experienced, registered Charitable Children's Institution.

Each year the Centre rescues up to 70 girls aged 5-16 years from the streets of Nairobi, most of whom are reintegrated with members of their immediate or extended family within twelve months.

“Our Child Protection programme promotes family-based rather than institutionalized care, reuniting street girls with their families. We also do a follow-up even after the children have been reintegrated with their families,” Ms. Gatitu said.

More information about Rescue Dada Centre can be obtained from:

Rescue Dada Centre’s Project Manager Mary Gatitu (third right) briefing Wpp Scangroup team who delivered donations to the Centre. Assortments of food stuffs, clothes and sanitary towels were donated by WPP Scangroup.