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Squad Digital

The largest direct marketing and digital marketing network in Africa

Squad Digital (WPP-Scangroup and WPP Digital Network Agency) is a full service digital marketing agency offering data-led digital solutions independent of channels for Africa and the Middle East Region. At Squad, we take pride in building campaigns, applications and platforms that will deliver business and brand results.

Squad offers a one-stop shop for complete start-to-end management of digital asset development, digital marketing campaigns, lead based campaigns, intranet collaboration portals, VAS requirements and bringing our clients a broad bouquet of creative campaigns.

We currently have a team of 110 highly skilled specialists on board with experience in global, regional and local digital touch points and campaign engagement. We are Google partners with a highly skilled and experienced media team with AdWords and Analytics certifications.

What's unique about Squad is our African pedigree. We understand perfectly that in Africa, mobile is just not the primary medium, but in most cases, it's the only medium to connect and engage in this ever evolving digital world. We have therefore identified and specialised in some key areas that enable us to effectively execute our clients' business goals such as; digital strategy, online marketing, mobile marketing and video production among others.

The Squad Innovation Centre is a unique experiential zone all geared up to develop, deploy and showcase the next generation applications. This strategic investment is an embodiment of our vision to become a leading enabler in the applications and technology space by providing a platform for innovating cutting-edge solutions.

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